The Funk Agenda for 2016.10.10

Hey, everybody!

Here’s the set for this week, a pretty even blend of funk and swing. The USB on my laptop is acting up, but I got lucky enough that it didn’t choke on me while I was playing.

Hope you enjoy it!

If you would prefer to download it to take with you, you can get it from the NSB Radio archives.

00:00:00 Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (Casual Connection Rework)
00:02:48 Jamiroquai vs Faith Evans vs 2Pac – Virtual Love (Daigo Re-Bake)
00:05:25 Aroop Roy – Pimp
00:09:16 Jimmy Castor – Supersound (Busta & Some Dj Remix)
00:12:19 The Floozies – Jambox
00:14:06 Crash Party – PGH
00:16:34 David Bowie – Let’s Dance (Goodgroove Remix)
00:19:07 Madafaka – Ghetto Game (ARTFX Remix)
00:21:54 Ahab – Occult
00:23:57 Buffout Boy – Find Freeman
00:27:10 Chamberlain – Path To Shangri-La
00:29:30 AlgoRythmiK – Andrew’s Break (Smokey Joe & The Kid Remix)
00:32:33 The Captain – Class & Style
00:34:29 Jimi Needles – Swing Da Club 2014
00:37:02 Gramatik – Hit That Jive (Groove Mind remix)
00:38:46 Catjam – Pendulum – Fasten Your Seatbelt (Catjam Bootleg)
00:44:01 Balduin – Mister Mister feat. Sue
00:46:29 Django Reinhardt feat. Louis Armstrong – It Dont Mean A Thing If It Aint Got That Swing (Max W. remix)
00:49:23 Nikola Vujicic & Baunzz! – Tears No More (Shemian Remix)
00:53:58 Rufus Thomas – Itch & Scratch (Funk Ferret Edit)
00:56:18 Rose Royce – Car Wash (TWOGOOD Edit)
00:59:56 George Clinton – Atomic Dog (Qdup Remix)
01:03:52 Jayl Funk – Dynamite Funk
01:06:29 Pega5u5 – Playin’ Footsie
01:10:16 Beat Le Juice – The Boom The Bang
01:14:05 K+Lab & Stickybuds – Super Gravy featuring Laughton Kora & Bailey Wiley
01:16:27 Warp9 – Space Bees
01:18:40 Karmasynk – Orbit Reversal (5AM Remix)
01:21:08 Eekoz – Bang It
01:24:38 Lewd Behavior – Into The Fire (Wisdom & Busta Edit)
01:26:22 Ephyum – Way Of Void
01:29:17 Ini Kamoze Vs. Odjbox – Here Comes The OdjSteppa (Captain Flatcap Mashup)
01:31:19 Father Funk – Take 2
01:33:21 Peggy Suave – Best Buns In Town
01:35:15 Budapest Burlesque – I Know (DJ Clairvo Remix)
01:37:39 KKC Orchestra – Freestyle cat (Bout my Man Freddy frog Remix)
01:40:51 Oasis Vs. Kenneth Bager – Wonderful Swing (DRA’man Edit)
01:43:06 La Danse des Doigts – Finger Tanzen feat Red Curtain & Hübsché Traubé (Original Mix)
01:48:03 Funky Boogie Brothers – B-Boy Freedom
01:50:42 Father Funk – Sayer What
01:53:19 The Fatback Band – I Found Lovin’ (Sammy Senior Remix)

The Funk Agenda for 2016.09.26

Runnin’ a bit late postin’ this, but here’s my NSB Radio set from this week.

Still experimenting with my format… as I say in this set, another excellent DJ on NSB (Toreba Spacedrift, be sure to check him out) is on just a few hours before I am, and was already doing a new freebies show. As such, I’ve decided to switch my format back to just playing whatever is in my playlist that I feel like playing.

H0ffman also accidentally overcommitted this week and wasn’t able to do his show, and since it’s just before mine, I covered for him. As a result, this week’s show is an epic 4 hours long. It was fun, but really draining, to play for that long. After the fact, I realized I had had no cold caffeine that day either, which really impacted my energy level.

Anyhow, enough blather, I really hope you enjoy listening to the set as much as I enjoyed playing it!

If you’d prefer to download it so you can listen to it on the go, you can get it from NSB Radio’s archives – Click on “Downloadable Show Archives,” and then look for the folder called “The Funk Agenda.” You’ll be able to find the downloads for all of my NSB shows in there.

00:00:00 Restless Leg Syndrome – Fiddle Dee Dee
00:02:16 Mon Gateau (Chatango Remix)
00:04:10 Jazzotron & Nikola Vujicic – Diga Diga Doo
00:07:51 Defunk – Giggle Water feat. Rayna MC (DJ Edit)
00:10:54 Jenova Collective – Minor Swing
00:14:24 Warp9 – Gypsy Djazz
00:17:56 Eekoz – Bang It
00:21:25 Scatz – Easy Orange
00:23:19 Iii – No Wave
00:25:14 Ram Jam – Black Betty (Phibes Remix)
00:27:21 Manic Focus – Rooster
00:29:27 Daft Punk – Get Lucky (WBBL Remix)
00:31:47 Another Star – Skeewiff’s Disco Dub
00:35:16 Earth, Wind & Fire – September (Zanski Remix)
00:37:36 Punkin’ Machine – I Need You Tonight (DJ Soo Edit)
00:42:15 Funky Boogie Brothers – B-Boy Freedom
00:44:00 Boogie Belgique – Forever and Ever
00:48:24 Louis Prima vs Caro Emerald – That Man (DJ Kobayashi Mashup)
00:50:44 WBBL – Mambo Baby
00:52:59 Howla – Llama Pimp
00:55:01 deathy – This Is How We Do It in Kalamazoo
00:58:13 Ahab – Occult
01:00:15 Buffout Boy – Find Freeman
01:03:28 Of the Trees & DELTAnine – Auru
01:06:58 Lenny Kravitz – American Woman (Funkanomics Remix)
01:09:02 Strider White – Wednesday Afternoon (Full Scale Remix)
01:10:38 Featurecast – Ikes School
01:13:24 Basement Freaks – Soulmen
01:16:01 Andy Gibb – Shadow Dancing (Mix & Fairbanks Edit)
01:18:49 2pac – California Love (Bruno Borlone & Boogie Mike Remix)
01:21:09 11 Acorn Lane – Sugar And Cream
01:22:45 Louis Armstrong – When the Saints (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
01:25:57 Nikola Vujicic & Baunzz! – Tears No More (Shemian Remix)
01:30:32 Odjbox – Don’t Get Me Wrong ft. Lucinda Belle
01:33:26 Parlov Stelar – Booty Swing (Volldrauf Bootleg)
01:35:37 Extra Medium – The Woman
01:39:07 Tarante Groove Machine Ft. Yanivi – Turkish Movie
01:41:00 Chamberlain – Prajna
01:43:19 Paranox & BBK – Monsta (Dj Ekl Remix)
01:45:22 A.Skillz & Nick Thayer – Drop the Funk
01:47:59 Slynk – Hey You
01:51:02 Funk Moguls – Roc Blockin
01:53:22 Never Stop – Give It Up (Casual Connection Late Night Groove Rework)
01:55:50 SugarBeats – Out Of The Frame feat. Talen Heater & Veronica RockStar
01:59:02 Monstafunk – Groove Tonight
02:04:03 The Noisy Freaks – Feeling
02:07:14 Funky Boogie Brothers & Keith Mansfield – B-Boy Exclusive Blend
02:09:16 Billy Ocean – Stay The Night (CMAN’s Timbales Edit)
02:12:23 Father Funk – Oh What A Night
02:15:05 Timothy Wisdom & Busta – Influence
02:17:25 Basement Freaks – Balls To Get Funked Up (Tribute to Parliament)
02:19:29 NGhost – Tale From My Hood (Ghetto Mix)
02:21:59 Cockney Nutjob – Everyday
02:24:36 Ahab – Serbia
02:28:23 Jem Stone Feat. Mouthmaster Murf and MC Goldseal – Top O’ The Town (Original)
02:31:35 Rosemary Clooney – Sway (JPOD remix)
02:33:55 Brother Bones & His Shadows – Sweet Georgia Brown (Skeewiff Remix)
02:35:31 Charlie Beale & Chris Barber’s Jazz Band – Everybody Loves My Baby
02:37:24 Scratch Bandits Crew – Algorytmic – (Poldoore Remix)
02:39:18 Hipsta – Skirts
02:43:40 Stickybuds & Mista Savona Feat. Burro Banton – Clean Air (Dub)
02:46:17 Exmag & Russ Liquid – VHS
02:48:20 Featurecast – Set It Off (Dastardly Kuts Shakin’ That Ass Remix)
02:51:05 The Floozies – Jambox
02:52:52 Crash Party – PGH
02:55:12 Yanivi vs. The Bee-Gees – Stayin’ Alive (DJ Edit)
02:57:49 H0ffman vs Ferris – Bare Faced Cheek
03:01:10 Whiteboy Funk – Modern Slavery
03:02:33 Arrowhead & Zentra – Funkyard
03:05:05 Yanivi – Rock This Joint Ft Bella Potchy
03:07:42 Dedy Dread & Dj Rebel feat. Delhi Sultanate – Criss N Shine
03:09:38 Shantel – Bucovina (Kotch Remix)
03:12:59 Swahn – Swing Fandango feat. Mr. Calavera
03:16:11 The Phunk Junkies – Big Spender
03:18:30 Frank Sinatra – The Way You Look Tonight (Phylo Remix)
03:22:00 Ohio Players – Fire (The Funk Hunters & Qdup Remix)
03:24:24 SugarBeats – Moon Walker feat. Veronica RockStar
03:28:11 Asat – Freestyle
03:30:48 Thomas Vent – The Performer
03:33:10 Nynfus Corporation – Planet Of The Sand
03:35:34 Groove Mind – Always Summer
03:37:36 Spoken Bird – Madrugada
03:39:03 Gloom – Cortex Sous-vide
03:41:27 Wolf-e-Wolf – Purple Planet
03:44:57 Peggy Suave – Best Buns In Town
03:47:25 Young Growler – Pussy Galore (Morlack Edit)
03:49:45 Father Funk – Take 2
03:51:47 Doop – Doop! (Castro x Big Swing Soundsystem Bootleg)
03:55:51 Oasis Vs. Kenneth Bager – Wonderful Swing (DRA’man Edit)

Raw Dump for 2016.09.07

Been a few days, so got a nice large batch for you today… 15 tracks in all, including some very nice tracks from some folks that are new to my ears.  Enjoy!

Raw Dump for 2016.09.01

Got 13 tracks for you to check out in today’s Raw Dump… some excellent funk in there, too, dig it!

Raw Dump for 2016.08.30

Got five tracks in the raw dump for you today… as always, not all new, but new to me, so I’m sharin’ ’em with you.  Dig it!

Rampant Girls (new track from me)

Official Music Video:


Toneden Download

Bandcamp (In case you don’t have a Soundcloud account, or don’t like Toneden)

I’ve had this track kicking around for a while, but figured it was time to finally release it. Another of my major key tracks to help fill out some of the hard to find keys.

I hope you enjoy it!

B Major/1B/6d
114.96 BPM

Raw Dump for 2016.08.29

Hey, everybody, a short one today, only three tracks… one of ’em’s a really old Yanivi track, but it’s a really good one that I didn’t have, so if you haven’t heard it, check it out!